January 2016

Theatre about town Review: CARNIVAL DREAMS the Musical
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With an ensemble cast that dance well together, there is an evident energy to the show, and it is also clear that Book and Lyrics writer Norman Mark and music [...]
Theatre about town ALRIGHT BITCHES! : REVIEW
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Martin Blackburn’s play Alright Bitches is one of the best gay character studies I’ve seen in ages, he knows how to flesh out roles and maintain a superb balance, where [...]
Cabaret about town Sunday Social at RVT
It’s back-to-basics for Sundays at the Vauxhall Tavern. SUNDAY SOCIAL AT Vauxhall Tavern now has 3 DJs, closes at midnight and, by popular demand, features commercial dance and pop immediately [...]
Cabaret about town MOLLY MOGGS
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Entertaining Soho since 1731 Molly Moggs a stalwart of the cabaret scene in London’s west end has stood the test of time, why?, because the cabaret you can see there [...]
Theatre about town Cock: Review
It is now a very  common theatrical experience for a  playwright to  stage a play without an interval,  creating in most cases an uninterrupted  100 mins of pure delight. Mike [...]
Film about town SPOTLIGHT: REVIEW
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Director Tom McCarthy with co script writer Josh Singer have put together one of the finest and layered movies I’ve seen in ages . Gripping from the start right  to [...]
This is a mesmerising movie and Director , Producer Horacio Alcala has shot a movie that is completely compelling to watch . Full of set pieces that show the level [...]