May 2017

Entertainment about town Life through a lens
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The premise of George Johnston’s Snapshot is actually a very clever one. Short sharp set pieces that eventually link together as the play unfolds and  by the use of a [...]
Entertainment about town 5 Guys Chillin
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Revisiting Peter Darney’s 5 Guys Chillin’ reminded what a thought provoking and at times ‘out to shock’ play it is. With  simulated  scenes of ‘slamming’  intravenous drug use forced penetration [...]
Cabaret about town She’s Back in Town
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A reworked show can sometimes fail as why should a show be reworked if it was good in the first place. Ray Packham’s Judy! has been reworked and it has [...]
Entertainment about town The power of the Cross
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Tom Marshman’s one man show Kings X remix is his comment on the 1980’s and by using a group of characters , he shares their stories we get an insight [...]
Entertainment about town Sexy Soho
High Energy, jaw dropping entertainment does not come any better than this , Stufish production Soho is an innovative adrenalin driven and very sexy that features incredible feats of strength [...]
Entertainment about town I’ll have what ever he’s having!
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When Harry met Barry is a frothy , quirky musical with clever use of poetic lyrics and by overlapping the characters stores also act as great plot devices . This [...]