July 2017

Entertainment about town Heaven sent
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To mark the theatrical event of this season which Angels in America by Tony Kushner has clearly  become I already had the preconception that I was going to be blown [...]
Entertainment about town Marvellous Masculinity
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This fantastic troupe of Australian performers made a very welcome return to this years Underbelly Festival with a brand new show called Close Encounters and when  this stellar , intergalactic [...]
Entertainment about town We all love Lucy
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Lee Tannen’s I LOVED LUCY  is an enthralling piece of theatre and admirably written, telling the story of his friendship and companionship with Lucille Ball,  the American comedy actress. Director [...]
Entertainment about town Sizzling Hot!
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Rikki Beadle-Blair’s play  is  visually stunning and with a huge Summer full moon dominating the set which also acts as a fantastic projection screen we are taken on a journey [...]
Entertainment about town A Song beautifully sang!
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When day becomes night, that moment of dusk can cause  human emotions and subsequent reactions to run riot  creating  a whirlwind and stir up feelings  that  can completely unravel. right [...]
Entertainment about town Ssssssshh !!!!!
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I love a good history lesson and when that lesson is given with a flair for detailing peoples attitude towards class, snobbery, the fact that governments can be hoodwinked , [...]
Entertainment about town A whimsical treat !
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The male nude from Michelangelo’s David to the hottest male pop star perhaps caught unawares by the paparazzi  often leads to comment  and with the male form being scrutinised now [...]
Entertainment about town Crank it up for yank
I love a feel good musical and the Joseph and David Zellnik show Yank! is that and more with a style and grace to it that is  pays an awesome [...]
Entertainment about town A perfect goal
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Composing a musical can be  tricky,  think Rogers & Hammerstein , Lerner & Lowe  and even Lennon and McCartney and the skill is creating a believable plot where if one [...]