About GAT

About G.A.T

Welcome to the official: Gay About Town, on-line magazine .
Gay About Town deals with hot off the press news and reviews, primarily for gay men in and around London town. Each article you find on Gay About Town is accurate, relevant and straight from the horses mouth.


Our Mission

Through out the net, it’s easy to find information on all gay related activities which may include: restaurants, theatre productions, bars and clubs etc. However, will this information be accurate?

Usually, no.

Most reviews found online are biased as they will NOT have been written by an independent journalist.

G.A.T publishes articles written from the gay mans point of veiw giving you the most accurate news and reviews which will not leave you disappointed.


About Stephen Vowles

Stephen Vowles’ work history in journalism and media stems back to the eighties when he began his career  in press promotions, PR  campaigns and organising special events in the world of entertainment.

Stephen has a great love for journalism and is presently one of the most well-known and influential people on London’s gay scene.

Spending most of his nights out and about in London, Stephen Vowles has his finger on the capitals gay pulse.

The decision to create the G.A.T website was an important step in his career.  In 2001 there was a hugue gap in the market to provide London’s gay community, and the gay community visiting London the means to keep informed with hot off the press news and reviews.

As Stephen Vowles finishes an evening at the theatre or at one of the many gay friendly restaurants he is asked to eat at and review. The news or review is instantly posted to G.A.T

You will not find any other gay, London website which offers a blow-by-blow insight to what’s happening on the greatest gay scene on earth.

Stephen Vowles is the Gay about town. This is a very personal exercise for me where I would like to share a certain point of view with you , I would value your comments and opinions , so email me or contact via social media.

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