• Date : 29th November 2015

Prior to her shows at the Leicester Square  Theatre , GAT  had a quick chat with the lady comedienne.

Who would you say have been your main influences over the years?
Joan rivers, Robin Williams – for different reasons were both incredibly influential. I am at the crossroads between bjork and sinead as a singer. Or that’s my wish. I love dawn French and jennifer Saunders – and then Stephen k amos, paul foot and Gina Yashere are my favorite British standup comics!

What can Gay About Town’ers expect this time around?
This show is all about the healing power of rage and addresses problems with almighty anger. It’s about being crazed in a good way. It’s a new way to look at peace.

Would you consider yourself to be a revolutionary and what do you consider to be bad taste when it comes to comedy and you would never include as a topic in your act?
I am a revolutionary and I find you have to be distasteful at least 5 or 6 times a night. It’s a balance. It’s important to offend – as that’s what comedy should do. The very best are the most offensive.

This question is now a stalwart part of any GAT editorial.
If you were to host a dinner party , 6 people you and 5 guests, they can be alive or dead , who would you choose and why?
I’d love to bring Joan rivers for sure just because she was very good at that type of thing and knew who should be seated next to whom. I’d actually like to attend a party of hers from the 70s with lawrence Olivier, Danny Kaye, her late husband Edgar, the very young Melissa rivers – it would be more of an historical reenactment! Joan told me this was her best party and that lawrence and Danny were at that time a couple and did viciously mean impressions of all their friends.


We didn’t know you sang. Can you tell us about your new single and music video “I Want To Kill My Rapist”
I wrote the song to heal survivors and protect the innocent. I have been working as a musician for many years and I use songs in my comedy shows to underline something I feel needs more emphasis – like my song fat pussy which is all about fat pride, and this song which is about the rage that is pushed down with the shame of sexual abuse.
The video was made with young people from the ages of 11 weeks to 18 years old – and there’s some stunning martial artists in there, in particular one young girl who brandishes knives. Her name is paris bravo and she put her abuser in prison forever at just 6 years old. She 10 and now is an incredible marial artists, actress and victim’s rights advocate.
I’m proud of her story and this song and video is the best thing I have ever done.

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Margaret Cho will be bringing  ‘THE PsyCHO TOUR to London’s Leicester Square Theatre from 15th – 20th December for more information go to

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