• Date : 18th December 2015

Greeted by an audience that you could tell appreciated her humour, by the loudness of the applause on her entrance , Miss Cho, clad in  leather biker trousers and goth t-shirt  commence her stand-up routine,
Immediately  acerbic and   intensely  belligerent , this self deprecating comic was out to offend but with good intention. Things piss her off and she wanted to share with her audience the reasons why. Her wit is cutting, both broad and brutal and also extremely personal.  She connects with the room she is working . She talks bout surviving rape, child abuse . Miss Cho is never a victim. The subjects she has opinions on vary from how to give head to an enormous penis, via politics, sexual persuasion, sex toys and the  Catholic  church . Her skill as a superb modern comic l is also based in the fact that she is a good controller of conversation and a true social observer. Even when she talks about the death of friends Robin Williams, her favourite Miss Joan Rivers and Whitney Houston  she cannot resist putting a macabre edge on her comments.

This is a very well rehearsed performance and to make it ‘user friendly’  she makes a deliberate attempt to discuss the ‘jImmy Saviile’  debacle confirming her ultimate dis-like  of people that feed off the innocence of others and abuse their own notions or perceived power, popularity and trust. This is cutting edge stuff, American humour at it’s best . I was glad that she has the balls to go to  extremes  she does. Margaret Cho is a clever comic.

Click on the banner on this site for ticket info and also read the preview interview in the Back Content section    4 stars

Stephen  Vowles

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