• Date : 6th December 2015

It is now abundantly clear that this antipodean treasure, Miss Sheila Simmonds has a legion of fans and when she came on stage they reacted with an eagerness to see her that was actually very emotionally, It was like they had not seen a relative in years because they lived on the other side of the world. The audience ‘got her’ the gags, the delivery the content, all of it superb,The Lounge at the Leicester Square Theatre is a perfect space for this busy lady. Mr Richard Rhodes has a written a carefully crafted comic creation that fires on all cylinders and he does not turn off the delivery of the comedy from start to finish. Visuals form a key ingredient with this act , from the Abba-esque crossed with Dolly Parton costume via a French chanteuse to the now recognisable pink polyester suit . This is her armour . Rhodes line in patter is quick and able assisted by Jean he performs his material with ease.

Via the clever use of integrated video to enable costume changes and a running gag featuring a real presenter on QVC the show moves along with a briskness that is infectious. Miss Simmonds is addicted to home shopping and with the creation of her brand which is now actually available via she wants you to invest in her dream and of course we will. Also via where the full range can be snapped for large amounts of money. Her seminal CD hash tags and handbags is also there to buy.

Good comedy can also be reliant on audience participation and here Sheila is a past master , getting a lady from the audience to assist in a soda steam demo to two guys doing one of the campest supermarket sweeps involving s remote control trolly I‘ve ever seen . Sheila Simmonds is a true original and a perfect theatrical treat this December.

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Stephen Vowles

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