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Cabaret about town LaVoix at Crazy Coqs, Soho London
POWERHOUSE VOCALS La Voix  , In procession  of  true star quality , an original  are attributes that can be applied to a lot of cabaret artists.  With La Voix that [...]
Entertainment about town Pics from IMPULSE party
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Pics of Aamyko and Antoin with Sv at Impulse launch. Roof Gardens 3rd March Sent from my iPhone
Entertainment about town Prom Kween -fizzes like a glass of cola musical.
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Prom Kween This is a wonderful., fizzes like a glass of cola musical that   is a true interactive  experience  where as the audience took their seats  cast members applied  disco [...]
Bars & clubs about town Lady Bunny – a true force of nature
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Luscious Lady Bunny is a true force of nature and after having to cancel some performance due to ill health, she burst onto the Soho theatre stage like a tornado [...]
Arts about town Tantilising threesome – a clockwork orange
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This  version  of Anthony Burgess’s Clockwork Orange is a play that can easily be described  as  was the book and then the Kubrick film as slightly disturbing , beautiful as [...]
Entertainment about town HELLO SAILOR!  
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Sometimes a sequel or another story  that contains the same  characters  can be a let down. This is not the case with Martin Blackburn’s Bitches Ahoy! the follow up  piece [...]
Entertainment about town Interview and review: Andy Bell in Torsten The Beautiful Libertine
INTERVIEW Can I ask you what attracted you to the role? It was purely Barney Ashton-Bullock’s amenable nature he’s a very shy boy like me & the idea for Torsten’s [...]
Entertainment about town Tinderella: Above the Stag.
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Once upon a time, a slave boy called Cinders lived with his murderous stepmother and her daughters in a little landlocked kingdom. Now although this kingdom lacked democracy and had [...]