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Theatre about town ALRIGHT BITCHES! : REVIEW
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Martin Blackburn’s play Alright Bitches is one of the best gay character studies I’ve seen in ages, he knows how to flesh out roles and maintain a superb balance, where [...]
Theatre about town Cock: Review
It is now a very  common theatrical experience for a  playwright to  stage a play without an interval,  creating in most cases an uninterrupted  100 mins of pure delight. Mike [...]
Theatre about town TEDDY FERRARA
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To say this play is a powerful piece, is a slight understatement. Unsure as to how i was going to react to a play that contained gay stereotypes, my opinion [...]
Theatre about town Encounter, Above the stag theatre
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Stephen Vowles reviews Phil Wilmott’s Encounter a reworking of a certain Noel Coward film that his estate asked to be retitled removing the words Brief and Gay. The story is [...]