Soft Lad

  • Date : 13th November 2015

As a coming of age drama telling the story of a young man having a relationship with a married man struggling to come to terms with his own sexuality,this is one of the most carefully structured movies of this type I’ve seen in ages and the way Leon Lopez has  directed this movie in a true “hands on” fashion  makes for enthralling cinema.  He has succeeded in taking  an earlier play he had previously written and fleshing it out  beautifully  presenting a film that is both passionate and heartfelt . Making good use of the broader canvas that film making presents to tell this story.This  is a film about sexual identity and Lopez  gets from his cast and most notably his principle leads, superb performance from  John Labey and Daniel Brocklebank  performances that are top draw, riveting to watch.  Lopez who is also an actor may have influenced the style of the way Labey and Brocklebank  performed their roles  but the result is a fantastic exchange of emotional need that has an almost cathartic  and  sense of closure for the viewer as the film draws to the end. Soft Lad is a stunning film and well worth adding to your DVD collection. A British gay feature with a lot of class.

Released by Peccadillo on the 9th November . Click on the support banner for more on this movie.


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