A perfect goal

  • Date : 11th July 2017
Composing a musical can be  tricky,  think Rogers & Hammerstein , Lerner & Lowe  and even Lennon and McCartney and the skill is creating a believable plot where if one of the characters was to suddenly burst into song it does not come as a surprise but to be expected, Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper’s effervescent musical He Shoots! , He scores! does precisely that , This fun filled and at times innuendo driven sexy romp set in the world of 5 aside football is very good. With lines of dialogue  such as ‘Straight Boys don’t douche’  the script is both witty , fabulously sarcastic and hilarious, The cast of 8 very talented actors are clearly loving the fact that they are doing this show with special mention going to Jamie Barwood as Joe and Duncan Burt as Tayzr who both have very well executed solos in the show and Mr Burt in particular has a flair for farce. The compositions  and structure of the songs and the way they are placed in the running order of the show  adds to the magic of this production and put the show in a league of its own. Andrew Cannon playing two roles of Dom and Matthias, Harry Cooper-Miller as Pete, Danny Couto as Will. Tom Mann as Liam , Richard Watkins as Charlie and finally Joey Goodwin playing a trio of parts, Frazer, Jase  and Marcus all bring energy  and  a very acute sense of masculinity to their respective rows and prove a point that is made in the show that yes gay men can play football and that believing in yourself will pay dividends and much more you might even find the man of your dreams on the pitch. Above the Stag have another hit on their hands and rightly so. Gay themed musical theatre at its best. A cheeky and cheerful spherical study in male camaraderie. 

4 stars, Arch 17 Miles Street , Vauxhall SW8 1RZ box office  www.abovethestag.com   Runs for the Summer season
he shoots

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