A whimsical treat !

  • Date : 15th July 2017

The male nude from Michelangelo’s David to the hottest male pop star perhaps caught unawares by the paparazzi  often leads to comment  and with the male form being scrutinised now as much as our female counterparts.. Chris Burgess’s musical revue actually deals with a serious matter.How we look at our bodies, Do we perceive ourselves to be too fat, too thin, addicted to diets , obsessed with the gym, toying with the idea of plastic surgery or just fretting self consciously because you don’t have the perfect complexion that you see in mag ads or social media, forgetting  that the art of air brushing, photo shop and applying filters  are integral to how we present ourselves.  The cast of four guys and one rather scintillating lady , Miss Natalie Harman who plays Diana are born troupers applying verve and vigour and such a high level of energy that the numbers come thick and fast.

There is a clear influence of Fosse here in the way the numbers are staged, and directed by Sam Rayner. but that is to the writers credit that this could be perceived as a homage to a style that was correct to use for Boys in the Buff. The comedy aspect of the show is carefully woven into the proceedings with Shaun Riddick as Richard clearly ‘going for it’ .William Fraser as Dan is also very watchable  and he yearns to get his kit off at the earliest opportunity. Adam O ‘Shea as Max deals with the matter of narcissism and this is actually quite a poignant moment in the 65 mins running time. Julian Quijano as Phil who has to overcome his shyness brings a sincere quality to a role where issues of self esteem and confidence are also explored.  This show is a whimsical treat that does explore darker issues but at its heart is the firm belief that we are all gorgeous and via the medium of song , dance and bit of nudity a riotous evening  is on the cards.

4 stars runs to the 29th July, Stockwell Playhouse,( formerly Lost theatre)  208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 22JU box office 020 7622 9208 boysinthebuff.co.uk

boys in the buff

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