Adam, Eve and Steve

  • Date : 28th March 2017
I ‘ve always been interested in the premise. ‘what might of been’  so the idea that after God created Adam,  the Devil, or  Beelzebub  interrupted the process and Steve came along before Eve, is an amusing idea that forms the basis of the Adam &  Eve and Steve musical currently playing at the Kings head Theatre in Islington, with Book and Lyrics by Chandler Warren and Music by Warren Moore, this very quirky, frothy and at times down right camp musical   is  75 mins  of pure  joy. The songs have an instant sing along quality to them and act as very good plot devices. There is a music hall quality to this show and one of the highlights is a song and dance routine eagerly performed with gusto by Michael Christopher as God and Stephen McGlynn as the aforementioned Beelzebub. this is wonderful stuff and would give Morecambe and Wise a run for their money. There is also a raunchiness  to this mainly due to the superb casting of Joseph Robinson as Adam and Dale Adams as Steve and Hayley Hampson as Eve. Adams  has a set of pipes on him and you can clearly see he is having the time of his life singing this material. A great way to make his London debut, Another important thing to mention is that most styles from power ballads to jazz  are included in the score,   so  there is something for everyone. Some would consider this blasphemous , i say what the HELL! . I thought it very funny , extremely cheesy , that’s what made it entertaining. Worth a look
4 STARS.  Now playing at the Kings Head Theatre  Upper Street Islington.

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