Awesome Ashley

  • Date : 28th June 2017
As a performer Mr Trevor Ashley is a star in his own right , as Liza Minelli he is a genius , capturing her quirks, body language, vocal technique including impromptu gasps of air and bursts of seemingly uncontrollable energy to such a high degree its a master class in the art of mimicry. This is an affectionate homage to a star  and is at times naughty but never offensive, Incredibly passionate, its clear that Mr Ashley as a soft spot for Liza,. From the start as the overture bleeds into the number Broadway Baby the powerhouse vocals are on show and is the range of that voice is not in doubt, incredible vocal acrobatics.
 In between songs Trevor does not break character, he is in complete control and when bathed in a blue light the sultry atmosphere in the room becomes electric, This show is pure pizzazz  featuring selections of songs from A Chorus Line, Sunset Boulevard, A Little Night Music that showcased Trevor’s voice and would of not been out of place if the real Liza had included them in her repertoire. Ashley also includes a great deal of comedy into the act but this is not malicious , in fact even when he is commenting on the use of cocaine for example its tongue in cheek. This is superb entertainment by a true and tenacious talent.
5 stars, Runs to the 2nd July as part of the Underbelly Festival , Book tickets via or Box office 03333 444167

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