Bloomsbury Bond Bliss

  • Date : 5th April 2017

A good night where both the dining experience and the cabaret on show are both fantastic is rare but with the London Never Dies  show at the London Cabaret Club  this is not in question as the evening is  an astounding hit and  deservedly so .
With  a very careful and structure plan to the evening  the expectant  diners  myself included relaxed  in the opulence of the bar  and easily consumed very quaffable dry martini’s why because the theme of the cabaret was Mr 007  himself James Bond.
This pre dinner  hour  was wonderful as our host  a very attentive Mr John Murphy  made sure  we were having a glorious time and as the  doors swung open to reveal a dining room that looked liked it was from a movie set , Mirrored walls reflected back the very large stage.The show programme  had various competent and very sexy dancers and singers pay tribute the Bond  themes, The show was superb and  the speed of the action packed night was partnered beautifully by the delivery of the food,
The organisers of this night have this right on the money , with the break  in the performances  allowing  for the waiting staff to present  the gourmet food  in an  non rushed manner. This is an incredible  night out , pure sophistication a true mind blowing 4D  sensory experience , so get your glad rags on and treat yourself to a night of pure indulgence.

London Never Dies is at The London Cabaret Club, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square WC1B 4DA, Tel, 020 7242 0002





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