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Boom or Bust

  • Date : 8th August 2017
Boom by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb is an extraordinary play that looks at the subject of apocalyptic human annihilation which after some initial bewilderment is both disturbing as it is entertaining. Its the story of Jules played by Will Merrick and Jo played by Nicole Sawyerr. He has placed himself in a bunker to protect himself from the fall out a  huge meteor striking earth and ending civilisation as he knows it. Jo answers his personal ad on the basis that she thinks its an amusing way to hook up for sex, He reveals the fact that he is gay and the comedy begins.
Nachtrieb beautifully reinforces the belief that in an orderly world everyone follows a pattern as is hugely regimented as explained by Mandi Symonds as Barbara , a Wizard of Oz inspired character  that moves levers and handles to manipulate the proceedings, she also pounds on a drum adding a frightening and almost ridiculous effect that is not for the faint hearted screaming like a banshee as the play moves to its pivotal climax. As a study in human relationships, self acceptance and realisation Nachtrieb raises some powerful questions. There are sections in the play that are both absorbing and to be honest bizarre bordering on the bonkers. However the interaction between Jo and Jules is palpable  and  smoothly resonates adding a thought provoking idea that if are living our lives in a goldfish bowl who is watching.  A delirious satire that requires concentration. Stick with it.
4 stars  runs to the 26th August Theatre 503 ,Battersea Park Road, Box office 020 7978 7040 theatre503.com

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