Bourgeois & Maurice

  • Date : 19th August 2017
The show  described  via they poster as ‘Style over Substance- A 10 year Retro-Speculative  had me laughing out loud from the off. Never has a trip down memory lane been so funny. The comedy is instance fuelled by a need to entertain to please an audience that were within minutes lapping it up.
This is witty clever stuff, empathy tinged with apathy. A  social comment that is both bewitching to watch and also comes across as a slight curiosity, This double act play off each other superbly and their skills as song writers is magnificent. Two cases in particular, their songs Every one is at a Chem Sex party but me and British Values a wondrous examination of class, the haves and the have not’s and all the traits of being a Brit means.  Satire and sarcasm a fab combo  and the irony  that formed part of 75 mins running time proved beyond a doubt  their enormous and ferocious  skills to put on a show came so naturally.
Even when they broke to allow for a costume changed and introduced Ginger Johnson to do a couple of numbers the magic was not broken. I have to give  this show a thunderous thumbs up. Bourgeois by name and perhaps by nature  but guess what this fellow middle class person with perceived materialistic  values and conventional attitudes agreed with everything they said and felt and very proud of it I am as they are also. Comedy fired off with the speed of a bullet being shot from a well aimed pistol.

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