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Coming Clean

  • Date : 2nd August 2017
Having recently seen both My Night with Reg and Twilight Song also written by Kevin Elyot its clearly evident that his play Coming Clean  contains some autobiographical elements and also as a writer it was evident that he understood what makes a good play as My Night with Reg and Twilight Song show such an accomplished style in writing and structure that you must avail compliments to the man that has taken story telling to such incredible dramatic heights.
Coming Clean is about 3 relationships and the fabulous play on words is, do you ‘ Come Clean’  when you have broken the rules set up at the start of a particular relationship. The casting of this play is stunning with all four actors having such a phenomenal grasp on the material that  the effect is to have the audience focused on  every minute of this wonderful theatrical treat,. The play is also set in the early 80’s and Director Adam Spreadbury-Maher attention to detail and the pace of the play is perfect.  Lee Knight  as Tony is extraordinary  and the verbal tennis matches that ensue with his lover Greg played by  Jason Nwoga are so polished, provocative , sexual and immensely powerful . Eliot also explores the majesty of manipulation and when Robert comes into the play played by a very handsome Tom Lambert the first part of this relationship triangle that involve twists and turns unfolds and the play  becomes edge of the seat stuff. Elliot Hadley as William and then a minor character at the end Jurgen is extremely watchable having a range to him, switching from comedy to tragedy at the drop of a hat. This Is an explosive and fantastic look at gay life and should be seen. Simply sensational!
 5 stars , runs to 26th August. Box office 020 7226 8561, kingsheadtheatre.com  115 Upper Street,Islington N1 1QN

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