• Date : 26th January 2017

Sometimes a sequel or another story  that contains the same  characters  can be a let down. This is not the case with Martin Blackburn’s Bitches Ahoy! the follow up  piece to his Alright Bitches performed last year at the same venue.
This is a very funny and witty comedy where there is not a dull moment  throughout the entire performance. The cast are so in tune with each other that the gags  they deliver  come  quick and fast  and are uttered with a bitchy crispness that is hilarious. The 5 actors have great comic timing and understand  how to play comedy  especially when the perfect execution of farce is required. In  a true homage to the Carry On films there is plenty of smut., innuendo and an entire  sequence in the play where the use of metaphor mainly based on sailing  vernacular is woven into the script. The conversations between the characters is  very believable and Blackburns clever use of ‘scene with scene’ is  directed by Andrew Beckett  with  skill  and flair.

The story which also tackles the qualms involved in handling relationships sees two couples. Patrice and Pam, played by Simon Burr and Hannah Vesty , she is smitten by Patrice  but little does she know , all it not what it seems and Ethan  Chapples  as Garth  with Chris Clynes as Drew  taking   a gay cruise  courtesy of cabin steward  discount played with a wonderful arrogance  by Lucas Livesey as Max who basically only has his friends best interests at heart.
His character also  delivers  some of the best  put downs and one liners , brilliant stuff, Mr Livesey  knows how to get a laugh and is clearly relishing his role..Additional praise has to also be laid at the feet of Miss Vesty who is without a doubt one of the best comedy actresses I’ve seen in recent months , a natural comedienne.

As the plot unfolds , there  is high drama, high jinx and  raised passions all on the high sea, A wonderful way to spend an evening at a theatre that continues to stage productions  that are well worth the price of the ticket  with Alright Bitches getting a very firm and nautical ‘Aye Aye Captain’  from me.  i strongly suggest acquiring your boarding pass immediately . Great fun.

The play finishes on the 26th February.

Bitches Ahoy



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