La Cage Aux Folles

  • Date : 18th March 2017
La Cage Aux Folles.

As the orchestra commenced the overture  and the house lights dimmed the atmosphere in the theatre was electric  and rightly so  due to a simple fact that a large part of the audience were gay men  and clearly had a love for this show and had seen it before as was the case with myself or if they were seeing it for the first time knew that was going to be a very special night at the theatre. The stunning opening number revealed that this major revival of this musical extravaganza has had serious money spent on it and the production values from the costumes, wigs and sets was huge. The whole thing was fabulous to look at and so was the cast. John Partridge as Albin was phenomenal  and his rendition of I  am what I am took the roof of the New Wimbledon Theatre, His vocal capabilities are exceptional and the passion and superb comic timing he gave to the role made for a tour de force that made him stand out  from other actors who have played the role in recent years.

His partner, George played with real tenderness by Adrian Zmed made there scenes  together mesmerising and beautiful to watch. If I was to offer one critique I was a bit unsure as to why Mr Partridge was playing Albin with a northern accent , if this was for cmic effect it worked but it did take a little while to get use too. This is a thrilling production and all concerned should be highly congratulated for bringing back to the stage a landmark show about love, friendship and  where some of the most spectacular gowns  are worn by men. If you get a chance to see this show when it goes on a further tour during the year grab a ticket and you will not regret it because as the tile of the last song in the show states  ‘ The Best of times is now’  Stunning stuff, a true theatrical treat.

5 stars.  Reviewed on the 15th March 2017, New Wimbledon Theatre.

La Cage

La Cage Aux Folles production images – cPamela Raith


  1. The show was such good fun. Colourful, effervescent ,funny and camp. The actors excell themselves. The costumes are fabulous. The dancing and singing was flawless. All the cast members give the best of themselves and are fantastic in their role and they are consistent throughout the show. You cannot help but feel good after.

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