Lady Bunny – a true force of nature

  • Date : 23rd February 2017

Luscious Lady Bunny is a true force of nature and after having to cancel some performance due to ill health, she burst onto the Soho theatre stage like a tornado  she is a true original , dirty, vulgar smutty and via reworking the lyrics to the current pop songs of today  very clever., This chick with a dick knows how to work a room, and for fans and there were many in the audience were doting on her every word gesture, quip and social comment.

Moving line a cross between Barberella  on acid and Goldie Hawn form the Laugh in days she is no dumb blonde. She went there with sick jokes, a relentless line of patter and where she deliberately  name dropped she did because she could. Lady Bunny is a cabaret act to be revered , a first class comic that knows her craft , bad taste , no, its what makes people laugh and  for a few minutes where she offered her opinion on  the transgendered community she wasn’t out to cause any frictions or rucks , she just wanted people energies  to be refocused .If you can’t get to the Soho Theatre this time round make sure you book for June for when she does further extra shows.  A  100 min laugh out loud riot  gorgeous !

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