LaVoix at Crazy Coqs, Soho London

  • Date : 4th March 2017


La Voix  ,

In procession  of  true star quality , an original  are attributes that can be applied to a lot of cabaret artists.  With La Voix that is not only so so applicable it  actually falls short of really describing her magnificent stage presence .pure comic timing and with the skills La Voix  has when performing not only classic ballads but mimicking the likes of Liza Minelli , Judy Garland this is done with so much love and respect for these legends that I was close to tears of joy   as I  could see that although there was a very funny element to the renditions the love for her fellow songbirds was paramount.  La Voix connection with her audience is important and through out he whole set  this magical and at times flauntingly sexy link remained unbroken . As  a cabaret diva La Voix is  in a class all by herself and with Christian Ludlam , a very accomplished pianist behind , his understanding  of the pace of the show , knowing where to break  , the deliberate extension to the  length of the intros made for a superb show . This is sensational stuff  where pure glamour and  technical  artistry have been  blended together to form a delicious  feast for the senses. Seriously !…, not to be missed

5 stars  , La Voix returns to Crazy Coqs on the 29th March and then the  31st May and then the 1st June as part of the Brighton Festival

la Voix

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