Prom Kween -fizzes like a glass of cola musical.

  • Date : 23rd February 2017

Prom Kween

This is a wonderful., fizzes like a glass of cola musical that   is a true interactive  experience  where as the audience took their seats  cast members applied  disco glitter to the face cheeks of a crowd that knew that they were in for a treat. Directed by Rebecca Humphries who also plays various roles and with Sam Swann,Lucy Pearman and Sean Rigby who also play numerous roles  there tell the story of Matthew a boy that won the title of Prom Kween
and how a community and the strength of social media backed him .

This is an ensemble piece, however as  the driving force as narrator a special mention has to be made Suli Rumi who plays  Ru Paul to great effect and  with affection and as the musical plays out brings to the show, his performance is  a great  way to link the numbers.  The comedy is well written with a  highlight being where the cast become Harvey Milk, Cher, Ellen Degeneres and perform a wonderful patiche of Its in his Kiss , very funny . The references to some of of the more absurd qualities of American popular culture, the stupidity of the gun laws  for example are woven into a script with great poignancy. This musical shows great promise  and it maybe a work in progress, i sincerely hope that it is developed and the people behind Prom Kween realise there full potential

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