She’s Back in Town

  • Date : 19th May 2017
A reworked show can sometimes fail as why should a show be reworked if it was good in the first place. Ray Packham’s Judy! has been reworked and it has gone from good to exceptional, stunning , exuberant an odyssey  to Garland , the star the legend  that is superb, Featuring the same 3 actresses that all process powerhouse vocals that completely complimented the original singing style of Garland
Helen Sheals as CBS Judy, Belinda Wollaston as Palace Judy and a magnificent Lucy Penrose as the Young Judy, Told via the clever use of flashback, overlapping action and the use of the Garland songbook as plot devices this is a very  special theatrical treat and if you want to find out more about Garland this is a part of her life story that is beautifully told and deserves to be smash hit  and run for longer than the time it has booked into the Arts Theatre , Stunning ! a  must see, a memorable night of true talent that raises the roof!
5 stars , runs to the 17th June, Arts Theatre. 6-7 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JB Box office 020 7836 8463
Don Cotter – playing Louis B Mayer
1.  What attracted you to the role?
As head of the MGM studios, Louis B Mayer is a very powerful man. Power is an aphrodisiac, and it’s really exciting to play a character who’s absolutely at the top of their game. Over time he grows to love young Judy, allowing me the opportunity to portray his softer side.
2. What showed up in researching these characters that surprised you?
I was very surprised to discover that L B Mayer paid $75,000 for the option on “The Wizard of Oz”. In the late 1930’s, this must have been an enormous amount to risk on a single project. It was actually more than David O Selznick paid for the rights to “Gone With The Wind”.
3. What does Judy mean to you?
Judy is Judy, and always will be. A unique talent. Flawed, yes, but undeniably warm, funny and unforgettable.
Perry Meadowcroft – playing George Schlatter
1. What attracted you to the role? 
I was first attracted to the role because of the actor musician element of the role and being responsible for being part of the big Judy powerhouse sound. Also I loved the charming way in which George used to flirt his way around Judy to get her to do what she wanted!  
2. What showed up in researching these characters that surprised you? 
Mostly how badly Judy was treated in her younger years by the producers and how she would fight all of the bigger people in charges of the shows even if it meant nearly losing her job! 
3. What does Judy mean to you?
Judy means Love! How many people loved and still love her. How she only ever wanted to be loved and how she had so much love to give. 
Harry Anton – playing Sid Luft

1. What attracted you to the role?

Originally it was Ray (Rackham, the writer and director), we had worked together 2 years earlier on a shortened version of A Streetcar Named Desire. That era and style of theatre is what I love, and there were a lot of similarities in Judy!.
2. What showed up in researching these characters that suprised you?
It would be just how much Sid loved Judy. His last interview before he died was him talking about the impact she still had on him, and it was very clear he was still in love with her. That’s a pretty good starting point for the whole ‘what does my character want?’ kind of thing. 40 years on he’s still wanting her.
3. What does Judy mean to you.
I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about, and then I watched A Star Is Born, and heard The Man That Got Away… I immediately understood what all the fuss was about. All the other stuff in her life kept getting in the way of her talent. When she was just allowed to do her thing, there was literally no one better.

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