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  • Date : 18th March 2017

Stepping Out.

The cast of this production of Stepping Out  are good actresses  and do their respective best to flesh out  a play that to be frank has not stood the test of time. Amanda Holden as the snobbish bossy boots  Vera  does excel in her role as  does Tracy Ann Oberman as the brassy  Maxine  but somehow the whole thing  is rather disjointed.  The story is a group of women and one man played by Dominic Rowan meet up on a regular basis to take  a tap class and  and as the story unfolds  the audience get to find out about their lives . There are some tender and funny moments  but I didn’t feel any empathy towards these characters  and as the play drew to its closure I sincerely wanted the finale to save the day and when it came it was a bit lack lustre and laboured. Maria Friedman’s production  does offer a good insight into female to female relationships where by attending the tap class these women are escaping  the mendacity of their daily lives. i  just wanted it to have a bit more of a WOW! factor to it 

3 stars . runs to the 17th June, Vaudeville Theatre ,

Stepping Out


  1. After reading your review I have to agree with you. This amazing production story one of my favourite actresses Amanda Holden was great. Would recommend it to anybody wants a good night out.

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