Tinderella: Above the Stag.

  • Date : 18th November 2015

Once upon a time, a slave boy called Cinders lived with his murderous stepmother and her daughters in a little landlocked kingdom. Now although this kingdom lacked democracy and had been banned from Eurovision on behavioural grounds, it boasted a prince whose balls were the envy of the world.

Indeed, there was no happier sight in all the kingdom than the prince’s balls in full swing. The Prince took great pleasure and care in arranging his balls, which he liked to hold in all the fine rooms of the castle.

And Cinders really fancied the Prince. But they would never meet… would they?

Above The Stag Theatre’s award-wining pantomimes are the must-see, magical show of the season, bursting with laughs, songs, spectacle and all the traditional panto tomfoolery. Book now – you’ll have a ball!

From the writers and director of total sell-out hits Get Aladdin, Jack Off the Beanstalk, and Treasure Island – The Curse of the Pearl Necklace.

26 November – 16 January


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