• Date : 20th January 2016
Director Tom McCarthy with co script writer Josh Singer have put together one of the finest and layered movies I’ve seen in ages . Gripping from the start right  to the end credits, Spotlight tells the story of  how the Roman Catholic church in Boston USA   covered up the fact that their priests were abusing children . Shocking and also very emotional , this is  story telling  that  truly captures a period  and where piece by piece  a jigsaw is put together that  cannot fail to have gripping the arm rests of your seat. The cast, especially Stanley Tucci, Mark Ruffalo and Michel Kitchen  excel in their roles showing a range of emotion that details aspects of  frustration in both human character and the system they find themselves working in. Thrilling  to  watch and  as an example of a newsroom drama  this does not get better than this. Enforcing the  fact that no one or no organisation  even if they think they are untouchable because they have the ‘ear of God’  is above the law,  Superb  and it is easy to see why the movie has been nominated for six oscars .  Opens in the UK  on the 29th January

Stephen Vowles

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