Dick: Review

  • Date : 1st December 2015

The Leicester Square Theatres production of DICK! , this years offering this  season  is to put it mildly , an  offensive, overtly smutty, crude , vulgar, lacking in any sense of decency  and yes that is why the the theatre  was full.
To quote Cowell.’ We did not like it , we loved it’

A very strong cast that were relishing every moment  were out to make sure that via  a very awesome alliterated  script  and OTT  direction from Stuart Saint.  the crowd were going ton get what they came for. Now in the main room, the  increase in production values and scope  of the show were blatant to see without loosing the feel of  intimacy when the pantomime  was staged in the Lounge. This is a high calibre show  which cannot fail to play to good houses.

At the heart of this piece is also  a point to be made, The gentrification  of Soho  that bars and clubs are closing and an alarming rate . Fast paced and when the inevitable audience participation is required including removing two unsuspecting ladies from the front row  to join in the fun, the extent of the mayhem does not diminish . The demand  to participate in the ‘sing-a-long’ is welcomed with an eagerness that  is rather splendid . The musical numbers are perfectly executed and even when descending into a controlled chaos  the cast never take their eyes of the  ball, Hugely entertaining and one of the best produced theatrical treats around this season,    4 stars

Stephen Vowles

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