• Date : 24th November 2015

After three sold-out years squeezed into the Leicester Square Theatre Lounge,
203 performances with over 10,000 tickets sold…
London’s No1 Adult Pantomime DICK!
is transferring upstairs to the Main House for larger than life performances!

In the filthy, perverted, hilarious world of London’s No.1 adult panto, DICK!, things are swelling and are about to get much, much BIGGER!

With the critically acclaimed show transferring upstairs to the Main House, this third coming of Leicester Square Theatre’s DICK! will be the ultimate version – with a BIGGER stage, BIGGER wigs and BIGGER laughs!

Dick! will run from Tuesday 15 – Wednesday 30 December.

We spoke to lead dame Dusty O about her role in this year’s panto:

What made you decide to get involved with Dick this year? Do you love the challenge of totally immersing yourself in the traditional role of being mean and nasty?
This is my 4th year at LST doing adult Panto . I love it . My characters are always acerbic . People would complain if they were not !

What has been your favourite heckle and how have you dealt with it?,
People are usually quite wary of heckling me , they usually end up worse off . One year a woman kept yelling rubbish at me so I asked her , very kindly to close her mouth as the sight of rotting teeth and the stench of halitosis was off putting to other customers .

Would you like to do more acting , perhaps even a straight or more serious role, away from your amazing Dusty O personna?
I have done over 250 performances of 4 shows at Leicester Square Theatre in the last 3 years and there are plenty more planned . I’m on a 3-year contract . So keep em pealed!

Lastly , this question now forms part of every Gay About Town interview.
If you were hosting a dinner party , you and 5 guests, living or dead, Who would they be and why?
The Queen – just to be in the same room would be enough for me . Adore her . Cher – I met her once before and I would like to see if there has been any change. Molly Sugden – she is my personal role model and hero.
Marlene Dietrich – enigmatic and a true star. Joan Crawford – again a heroin of mine . I love everything about her .

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