• Date : 13th December 2015
There is always something special about a Paul L Martin -Excess All Areas Panto productions and that is Paul himself. He pours  his heart and soul into putting on a show that  is immensely entertaining. He has one of the most malleable faces I know , creating a snarl and a grimace , distorting  his facial muscles like a ban-shee . A true pantomime dame,  This ensemble of actors are so well gelled  now that they bounce off each other  garnering  huge laughs along the way . Energetic, exuberant ,eclectic and above all else  extravagant with their body language, they   all come together to make sure that the audience have a fab time.  This panto pushes all the proverbial buttons. There is no quaintness here , this is a robust  2 hours  or merriment , naughtiness, political digs . slapping of thighs and foot stomping  action. The show is crazy, cleverly crude with the  songs  acting as great plot devices.
There is a complete show stopper of  a moment with Jamie Anderson’s   as King Rat rendition of  ‘You don’t have to take your clothes off’  getting the  well deserved belly laughs. Martin who also wrote the show knows how to create a visual gag superbly and there is a wonderful send up of the Boots  Chemist brand. The pacing of the show by Director, Vanessa Pope allows for the inevitable ad  libs and response to heckles. The  closing number  of the show is a re-working  of  ‘We  built this city’   to ‘ We built this Panto on Prosecco’  and they sure did as this is a festive treat that will never run out of  FIZZ!   4 stars 
Stephen Vowles
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