• Date : 13th December 2015

Apparently  on the Tinder app (I’m more of a Grindr guy) , if you slide right that means you like what you see and with this years Above The Stag Panto,  Tinderella, Cinders  Slips it in, that is precisely what happens. You like what you see. With a very witty and amusing opening video from the theatres’  patron Miss Su Pollard as her beloved character ‘ Peggy’ from Hi de Hi  she imparts the fire regs and details of the next production, the show gets underway, Writers, Jon Bradfield  and Martin Hooper have grasped the panto concept  very clearly . Having created a script complete with rhyming ditties  Andrew Beckett’s direction is tight and allows his actors to work the small stage with conviction and flair.

From the start the innuendoes, smutty dialogue , double entendres come think n’ fast with masterful delivery by a cast that are having a laugh riot.

Rebecca Travers as The Fairy. Ellen Butler as Countess Volga, Ugly sisters, Louie Westwood and   Christopher James Barley as Maude Escort and Nicole Ferrari respectively , star turn from Lucas Meredith as Buttons, ( he of the very sexy legs)  Grant Cartwirght as  Cinders  , Andrew Truluck  as King Ludwig and finally a very imposing Joseph Lycett-Barnes as Prince Charming  as an ensemble instinctively knew how to work the crowd , greeting any heckle with a fabulous  and when called for a cutting retort. This panto is fit to bursting with gags that are very well written and crafted  and also  extremely topical, Messrs Bradfield and Hopper I fear are know strangers to political  satire. All good pantos tailored towards an adult audience have to have adult content and Tinderella does not fail. The regular plot devices included the famous ‘sing a long’  with the ugly sisters holding up the words written on a rather stained sheet  brought the house down. This is a  cheesy romp and perhaps the writers had drawn on  Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones to give this production an air  of slapstick and farce. A superb scene  is  ‘the going to the ball reveal’, Cinders appears  in a blue dress  that is a magical send up of the current Disney Cinderela, complete  with waspish waist  squeezed into a corseted gown. Mr Cartwright was never more fetching .

As an original production this never runs out of steam and goes along way to maintain the tradition of  panto at Above the Stag. This show is one of the best around this season.
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4 stars

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