• Date : 1st December 2015

With the venue packed to the rafters, this years RVT PANTO  was off and running with a cast that were  clearly  in  ‘Hi Energy’  mode. Aided by a very funny script  written by Paul Daly and directed by a master of his craft , Mr Tim McArthur , he  got from his cast performances that took the venue by storm. Vinegar Strokes at Twankey,( pronounced without the use of the letter T)  got the ball rolling by a  rendition of 9 -5 , with deliberately change in the lyrics  that completely set the tone for the next 115 minutes of pure smut and general debauchery . Vinegar is a very skilled performer and her ability to maintain a running gag is nothing short of brilliant. Faye Reeves is to be totally congratulated in keeping the whole thing together , playing numerous roles  and was a complete crowd pleaser. She shined in her role and got the well deserved laughs. The standout though was Miss Topsie Redfern as the witch , her vocal ability is off the charts. Her larger than life persona was ideally suited to playing a role that she was clearly relishing .  Chris Draper as the eponymous Dick and Martin Fitch as the Prince  added a true sense of style to the panto that totally enthralled an audience that were loving every minute of it. This is a show with a huge feel-good quality to it. Pure Pantomine  perfection  does not come much better than this.


Runs on selected days in December, click on the banner on this web site for further details, www.vauxhalltavern.com

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