• Date : 3rd December 2015

Mauritian born Head Chef, Jean-Didier Gouges has created a menu  for Tavern at 15 that  is  a true Fine Dining experience and together with the rather unique decor  offers to its customers a mouth watering  culinary  treat . The city eateries can sometimes come across as ‘old school’ or even stuffy, not at  Tavern at 15 . Trendy  and smart  but still  projects a city-like atmosphere. Coated with elegant concrete and  terracotta colours  and very clever use of lighting the scene is set for an almost theatrical way to enjoy your  breakfast lunch or dinner.

Any good restaurant must from the moment it opens it’s door  make it’s mark and Tavern at 15 has succeeded in doing this. Instantly creating signature dishes such as the Lobster burger that to be frank I consumed with an eager relish. The cuisine at Tavern 15 is innovative and flavourful. opting to try as our starters the Stonebass Carpaccio pepper and Gilled Corn Marintaed in Citrus. very refreshing on the palate. and the very  moorish Chicken Liver Parfait, Peach Gel , Warm Brioche,  quirky as it came in a tiny and individual Kilner jar.

The second choice for our main , was the 28 Day aged Grilled Sirloin steak,  some would save this is a safe option and not very experimental when it comes to trying the dishes in a new restaurant, I disagree  get a basic dish right and everything else is a bonus. Tavern at 15 know how to cook a steak.

With a well structured wine and cocktail list to partner  the food, Tavern at 15  is a  pleasant alternative to Soho

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Tavern at 15, is at the London Capital Club, 15 Abchurch Lane London EC4N 7BW
Click on the Tavern at 15 banner on the strip slide show at the top of the site for further info

Opening hours: 07:30 am – 10:00 pm

Serving hours: 07:30 am – 10:00 am Breakfast / 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm Lunch and Dinner


020 7717 0088

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